Dear Elon Musk: What Does Men Merging With Machines Actually Look Like?


Good old Elon Musk! Always saying goofy, prescient things that seem eerily likely to happen within the next 25-50 years! What’s he gone and done today?

Oh nothing much, just said that we’re all gonna need to merge with machines if we want to survive as a civilization.

It’s not really that controversial. If you know anything about Musk, you know that he’s firmly believed this for quite some time. And if you’ve noticed anything about the way technology is headed, you’re probably not far off from agreeing with him. This world of ours is almost certainly headed into a glorious future without us–that is, if we don’t destroy it first.

So why is this a little hard for us humans to hear? Well, a few reasons.

Understandably, we don’t like the idea of being left behind, and we’re certainly not thrilled to think about the key to our survival lies in giving up the things that make us human in the first place.

Kind of a shitty proposition.

But let’s think about what ‘merging with machines’ might actually mean in a realistic context. In a few very important ways, we’ve already done it.

We could talk about media addiction and iPhones as our unofficial 5th limbs but there’s a more obvious way in which machines are becoming part of the human experience. Certain devices exist that allow us to function as humans–devices that don’t take away our humanity, but enhance it. Pacemakers, Speech Synthesizers, smart prosthetics–hell, even IUDs become part of our bodies in ways that we couldn’t have imagined 30 years ago.

All of which is to say, let’s just take a step back and chill out. Our cyborg future might be pretty damn shiny and bright if we let it.

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