LGBT Activists Stage a Piss Off Trump Kiss Off


Photography by Rachel Kober 

Not even the rain could hold back crowds of vigilant LGBTQ supporters from participating in a make out session at Trump Tower this Sunday. Organized by Vincent De Seno, a freshman at Fordham University, the event served as “an open expression of human compassion” intended to force the Trump administration to take notice of marginalized and underprivileged groups.

At Central Park West and 61st street, De Seno, along with fellow organizers Anika Elle and Mychael Green, met with the other protestors — many of whom were high school and college students — and encouraged them to step up to a megaphone and talk about why they’d come. At 2 o’clock, the crowd began walking east on Central Park South towards Trump Tower.

“I think coming out in numbers to show Trump and the public that public displays of affection is important,” answered Theresa, an 18-year old high school student. Michael, 19-year old student at Pace University noted, “I’m here today because I know how hard it is to go out in the dating world and face the possibility of discrimination.” Sean, a 41-year old software engineer, asserted, “I think this is an expression of the LGBTQ’s support for resisting Trump’s agenda.” 18- year old Jake, one of the protest’s marshals, remarked, “I think it radiates an important message of love and compassion and shows just how diverse we are as supporters of the LGBTQ community.”

Shortly after arriving at Trump Tower, the crowd chanted, “No dictator with tiny hands! Don’t build a wall! No Muslim ban!” De Seno then announced that the time had arrived to make out. With a “3,2,1” countdown, the crowd became a sea of kissing protestors. As the 58-story skyscraper loomed above, a resounding message rung loud and clear — the LGBTQ community would continue to stand up against the Trump administration’s blatant xenophobia — committing to a “love is love” mantra to combat a systematic cycle of hatred. “We are also prepared to fight hate and ignorance with peace, love, and education,” pledged De Seno.

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  • ThomNickels

    This LGBTQ crowd apparently has no idea that homosexuality is illegal and a capital offense in every single “moderate” Islamic country in the world. We’re not talking about ISIS or radical Islam but about mainstream Muslim countries. Poor clueless activists!

    • Alexandria Airdnaxela

      ^^^ this guy 👍🏻👌🏻

      And also, for the upteenth time, it’s not a Muslim ban and its for ninety freaking days.

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