Prince is Back on Streaming Services, and Not a Moment Too Soon


Prince, rest his soul, has always been extremely protective of not only his pristine, idiosyncratic image, but how is music was distributed. Throughout his lifetime, he consistently resisted releasing his music on streaming services, with the exception of Tidal. 

However, this past Sunday, all of that changed. 

Prince’s full catalogue is now available for listening on popular streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora. The expansion directly coincided with the Grammys Ceremony, in which Prince was honored by a bombastic Bruno Mars performance. The move is quite similar to the music of The Beatles recently manifesting on streaming platforms on Christmas Eve of 2015. 

The special occasion was noted by Warner Bros. Records Chairman and CEO Cameron Strang, who explained how Warner Bros. and Prince’s estate worked together to make the deal possible:

 “Prince recorded his most influential and popular music during his time with Warner Bros. and we are deeply aware of our responsibility to safeguard and nurture his incredible legacy. Warner Bros. is thrilled to be able to bring Prince’s music to his millions of fans around the world via streaming services, fittingly on music’s biggest night.” 

It is about time this happened, honestly. We’ve been clamoring for an easier way to listen to the man’s music for a long time now. In times as tumultuous as these, we could all benefit from forgetting our troubles for a while and partying like it’s 1999.

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