American Horror Story Season 7: The Election


We all went through this real life American horror story and now Ryan Murphy is bringing it back to our TV screens. That’s right: Murphy’s horror anthology, American Horror Story, will feature the recent election of Donald Trump as the theme for its new season. You may have seen memes such as this one made about a year ago:

And now Ryan Murphy has actualized the meme into the new season of AHS. Although it may actually be that the meme actualized itself and Murphy followed.

Always keeping it somewhat mysterious, Murphy didn’t confirm whether or not there would be a Trump character. Yet in his interview with Andy Cohen, he did confirm that they will be shooting in June and it will be about the election we just went through, although the season has yet to be titled. Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters are confirmed to return this season, but we’re all wondering if Lady Gaga will return yet again. Maybe this time to play a Hillary character — one can only hope.

Either way, it looks like fans will finally get what they’ve been asking for — an actually scary season of AHS.

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