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Welcome to Sound Advice, a feature where we ask our favorite up-and-coming musicians about everything from inspiration to the State of the Nation. Today, we’re asking Madeline North, the one-woman dynamo behind the moody goth pop sounds of So Below, whose new single “Hard” has us dancing on the ceiling–and all over the office.

We sat down with North to talk about hot tubs, RuPaul, and other wonderful, life-affirming things. What follows is the result:

What would you tell your younger self?

Stop being such a brat.

What’s the best advice to tell young artists/dreamers?

I would say perhaps the amount of hours you put in reflect what you get back, so just focus as much energy as you can into whatever project you’re passionate about and something great is bound to come out of it.

What trait do you value most in your friends?

If they own a hot tub or not.

What is your personal motto?

Sounds very 2014 but #YOLO

Who are your favorite artists (Music, literature, painters etc)?

Radiohead, Moderat, Kurt Vonnegut, just read a second book by this japanese dude called Kobo Abe. Pretty cool!

Name your favorite drink

Red wine or vodka martinis

Most important life lesson thus far?

Don’t stay in your comfort zone

What’s going to “Make America Great Again?” 

RuPaul for 2020

Best way to bring about creativity?

For me, ample amounts of coffee and working with other creative friends.

When and where are you at your happiest?

Getting drunk with my besties and dancing to Backstreet Boys

Watch “Hard” here:

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