Richard Linklater Creates Ad for Trans Rights


Richard Linklater, a director recently nominated for the Academy Award for Best Director for Boyhood (2014), has directed a new piece that encourages protecting trans people. Linklater, often directing movies about doing the right thing for humanity, has made this hilarious short captures the reality we all live in: trans people are just like us and they just want to use the bathroom. The demonization of transgender people entering bathrooms has been a scare tactic used to alter people’s perceptions who are otherwise ignorant about the trans community.

Linklater takes on the issue to confront Texas’ recent Senate Bill 6 that would preempt any non-discrimination laws and force single-sex bathroom assignments to trans kids in school. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick of Texas, pushes for the bill as a top priority, which promotes the idea that transgender students should use the bathroom according to their gender on their birth certificate.

The safety of trans students would actually be in jeopardy with the passage of this bill and the only thing that would be in jeopardy without its passage is the ignorance and transphobia of other students. Sounds ridiculous and twisted that such a bill would be considered top priority legislation, and Linklater’s video presents just that. By trivializing the concerns of transphobic audiences and normalizing the trans experience, Linklater promotes inclusivity and political justice by stating: “You’ve got to roll up your sleeves. Pull down your pants. And pee with LGBT.” The video is a part of the I Pee with LGBT campaign prompting people to write to their legislators to go against the bill.

Watch the appropriately titled “Taking a Seat, Making a Stand” video below:


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