Princess Diana’s Fashion Takes Center Stage in New Exhibition


The ’80s may have been a high point in scandal, but they were a famously low point for fashion. Frills, puffs, blowouts, chunky grandma heels, clunky faux-gold jewelry– you know the look. Its resounding terribleness has outlived the short window of its vogue by sheer force. The bad prom picture, the trainwreck wedding attire, the neon quinceañera. We’ve all seen it before–and shuddered.

And then, of course, there were those few, exempt wonders who glided past the ’80s without being touched by the dark hand of bad fashion.

One of these was Diana, Princess of Wales, whose good-against-all-odds fashion is now being celebrated in an exhibit in Kensington Palace.


On display are not only some of Princess Diana’s most elegant fashion choices–including a timeless Catherine Walker dress and Honeymoon tweed suit by Bill Pashley– but the many fashion magazine covers she graced in her short lifetime, including those of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vanity Fair.

Diana may have outlived the bad fashion of the ’80s, but she did not, alas, outlive the ’80s by very long. What we have left of her legacy is a list of attempts and achievements–and now, a full and richly beautiful closet.

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