WTF is Happening With This Gold Kanye Statue?


If you’re a citizen of the distinctive, scummy area between Hollywood and Sunset (via La Brea), chances are there’s one question that fills your mind each day as you make the daily walk between work and Tacos El Galivan.

Why the fuck isn’t there a giant gold statue of Kanye West up in here?

As of the wee small hours of the morning, some sweet, enterprising soul has filled this terrible lack by making a pop-up, lifesized statue of Yeezus himself, replete with stigmata wounds, a crown of thorns, and fresh-to-death Yeezys.

The architect of this impromptu masterpiece? Why Plastic Jesus, of course, the LA street artist with a remarkably sane agenda (see his ‘stop making stupid people famous’ shirts.)

This beautiful rendering of Kanye (called “False Idol”) is exactly what the armpit of Hollywood needed. Tourists from all over can now refresh themselves, after a full day of posing for the perfect selfie on top of the Kiss Walk of Fame Star, by genuflecting at the altar of true genius.

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