Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a Beast in the Gym


Many of us regularly cook up excuses not go to the gym. Maybe you had a long day at work or the circus of political coverage is just tiring you out. One woman who can’t afford to make such frivolous justifications is Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, national liberal icon serving on the Supreme Court. A two-time cancer survivor at the age of 83, many liberals have feared her not quite lasting through the Trump presidency, a consequence that could have devastating effects for liberal policies going forward considering the type of justice Trump has already nominated. Thankfully, RBG’s personal trainer has got our backs.

52 year-old Bryant Johnson, District courthouse employee, Sergeant First Class in the Army Reserves and personal trainer to several justices, is Ginsburg’s hearty trainer. He takes the octogenarian judge through a rigorous workout twice a week, helping to ensure her continued impressive health and physical capability. According to a new article by Politico journalist Ben Schrekinger, in which he embarked on Ginsburg’s workout regimen with the aid of Johnson, Ginsburg is no slouch in the gym.

Schrekinger, a relatively fit 27 year-old man, found the workout quite draining. Johnson accounted for his age and sex when adjusting the weight for him, helping to shape the experience in the way Ginsberg physically feels it.

It appears that the fate of Justice Ginsburg is in capable hands with Johnson in her corner. We all already knew that she was an example for how to live an exceptional life based on her long and storied career. However, we now know that she is also a badass 83 year-old who regularly whips through side planks and one-legged squats.

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