Presenting the Best Celebrity Rumors of All Time


Thrillist has done the honor of compiling the 100 craziest celebrity rumors ever and we can’t get enough! Here are some of our favorites.

4. Were you just as surprised to hear Margot Robbie is actually 26 because she looks over 30? There was an article proving that she was 23 in 2008 but they changed the information to 17, stating, “Correction: This article originally stated Margot Robbie’s age at the time of publication was 23. She was in fact 17 years old.” Fake news or did Robbie’s camp clear it up after rumors were swirling? The world may never know.

Then again, white women age horribly

3. People think Cash Money is a gay secret society because of reasons like Lil Wayne’s love for Birdman. If it is, we want in.

“Stuntin’ Like My Daddy” or zaddy?

2. Lady Gaga has a penis! … At least that’s what’s being speculated after seeing a video of her dress riding up and revealing what seemed to be some major inches. Of course an icon of pop music who also models herself after Ziggy Stardust and Boy George would be a little androgynous. Either way, we love her and her disco stick.

1. Although this didn’t make Thrillist‘s list, it gets an honorable mention with us: Stevie Nicks is a witch. The rumors resurfaced a few years ago after Ryan Murphy brought her on for American Horror Story: Coven. Although Nicks doesn’t practice witchcraft and is not a witch, she will always be the original white witch in spirit.

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