Sean Spicer, White House Easter Bunny


A man in the United States government must, of necessity, wear many hats. And no one, I think we can agree, wears more hats than Sean Spicer, Press Secretary, anal ring, and, most fabulously, Easter Bunny.

And not just an Easter Bunny, oh no–the official Bush-era White House bunny who comes out every Easter and greets the lucky Aryan children who now grace meth clinics all across the great United States. Talk about a side gig! Better yet, talk about the gig economy!

But really. We should talk about the gig economy because it’s fucked up.

But not before staring at these glorious photos of Sean Reginald Sphincter being a long-lashed, be-spectacled bunny in the good old days of yore.

Enjoy, children:

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