It’s Official: Literally No One Showed Up to Trump’s Inauguration


They say size doesn’t matter. Wait, no they don’t. They’ve never said that, because it’s completely untrue. Size really and truly does matter in many areas of life. And today, we’re feeling like we need to shout it from the fucking hilltops.

The National Park Service just released the official photos from Trump’s inauguration– you remember, that tiny, intimate affair that only about a handful of people were invited to and even less showed up? That petite soiree in which Trump put his lil’ hand on the bible and swore himself into the most powerful office of government while surrounded by about 10 of his closest lackeys and a few other people from the midwest who didn’t have anything to do that day?

Trump, of course, was quick to accuse the press of embellishing matters when they started releasing side by side comparisons of pictures of Obama’s 2008 inauguration and Trump’s own. But today, we have definite proof that literally no one showed up for Trump. Like, no one. Seriously, look:

Trump's Inauguration

Trump's Inauguration

Trump Inauguration

Now Mr. Trump, you’ve pulled the wool over our eyes for too long. If there’s one thing the American people pay obsessive attention to, it’s the difference between full and empty. And that is a whole lot of empty if we ever saw it. Good luck trying to claim ‘alternative imagery’ on this one, Kellyanne.

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