Trey Speegle and Twyla Paint the New World


Twyla and, if you don’t know it, is a company that sells limited edition artworks by major contemporary artists at a fraction of the price of the original – making it a whole lot easier for people to have framed original artworks by major artists in their homes and offices. They also sell a lot to restaurants and hotels. They do the framing for you and ship to you

Recently, Twyla did a collab with major New York artist Trey Speegle, who did one of his well known paint-by-numbers (for those old enough to remember the original ones) pieces at Art Wynwood, a winter art fair in Miami, a few weeks ago. But this paint-by-numbers was interactive, with the public getting involved in the political piece called “What Kind of World Do You Want (And What Will You Do to Get It?). It consisted of two 6’ x 8’ panels featuring a rocket in space – this one being a rare vintage paint-by-number from the early 1950’s (which Speegle paid $500 for). He invited the public to actually paint along with him, then to write their answers to “What Kind of World Do You Want,” which were posted online and pinned on the wall of the art fair.

But the good news for everybody is that can buy a print of this particular work, which is being sold for fifty grand. The prints are $250 at Get ‘em while they last. After all, Speegle’s piece is inspired by the current “political climate” – and if you’re going to buy art right now, political art is the way to go.





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