On International Women’s Day, The Internet Drags Trump


Ah, Donald Trump, Champion of women and minorities everywhere. No one has more respect for women than him. No one! And don’t even try to challenge that statement, because respect is completely unquantifiable!

What a sneaky bastard.

The Donald has of course, on this glorious International Women’s Day, taken to Twitter to once again profess his love and admiration for the fairer sex: A love that is, as many news outlets and tweeters have taken no time in pointing out, highly, HIGHLY conditional.

It all began with this lukewarm tweet:

To which the Internet responded:

eartha kitt

And went on to furnish ample proof that the opposite is true:

Mic.com went so far as to provide a supercut of all Trump’s egregious bullshit through the years, and boy is it a sight to behold.

So women, never let it be said that your President doesn’t care about you. But you’d better have that goddamn dinner ready on time because this is 1952 and ain’t NO white man got time to heat up a Stouffer’s TV lasagna.

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