Melania Trump is Totally Useless and Adored by the Public


Despite not having even moved into the White House yet, First Lady Melania Trump’s favorability ratings continue to spike according to a new CNN/ORC poll.

In a survey conducted March 1-4, 52% of respondents cited their opinion of Melania Trump as “positive,” which is a 16 point increase from a similar poll conducted in January by CNN/ORC.

The only charitable action Melania has performed as First Lady thus far was a very awkward visit to a children’s hospital. She did not remove her coat through the duration of her visit.

Arguably, the most notable thing Melania has done during her tenure as First Lady so far was file a $150 million defamation lawsuit against Mail Media, the owner of The Daily Mail, for claiming the she once worked as an escort. The lawsuit entailed that this defamation would damage her chance to establish “multimillion dollar business relationships” during the time that she would be “one of the most photographed women in the world.”

She also read the Lord’s Prayer before her husband’s 2020 campaign election kickoff event, but that’s about all she’s really done in the public eye.

 Perhaps the reason for her popularity lies in the fact that many seem to suspect that she’s not so happy with her in her marriage or her role as First Lady. It’s hard to imagine why that would be!



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