Seven Minutes in Heaven with Jake Courtois of Patients


If you’re into gentle head-banging and you’ve caught up with this season of How to Get Away With Murder, chances are you’re familiar with Patients, the latest project of musical dynamo Jake Courtois. In addition to Patients’ new track “Deeper Than Dark” getting some love from Shonda Rhimes, it’s a pretty solid joint, along with the solemn and cynically dark “America”. We sat down with Courtois to get the skinny on his sound, style, and taco-eating habits.

What’s the last thing you…


Naan Tacos at this place called California Chutney in Pasadena. They’re as good as they sound.


Eileen by Ottessa Moshfegh. I highly recommend it.


Ava DuVernay’s 13th, which I should have watched when it was first released.

Thought deeply about?

How many of our problems would be solved by dismantling class hierarchy, and implementing a true and just redistribution of wealth and resources.

Did you play an instrument as a kid?

Yes. I played piano and guitar, and fiddled around unsuccessfully with some woodwind instruments at school. The only one I genuinely enjoyed was guitar, because it was the only instrument I found myself, and wasn’t forced to play. To be honest, I didn’t really come into my own as a musician until much, much later in life.

What’s your favorite record of the year?

Lana Del Rey’s Love. It’s both intimate and epic all at once. The video is equally arresting and really does the song justice.

What advice would you give your younger self? 

Run away from home right now. Don’t wait around, because it’s not going to get better.

What’s the last advice you ignored?

That I should get a regular job to support myself until music takes off.

Who do you secretly want to be?

I want to be a musician, so that’s what I am. I can sometimes be guarded, but I’m not really a secretive person.

Who do you admire more than anyone?

These days I admire anyone who’s had to stand up to bigotry, and managed to keep loving themselves and other people despite being marginalized and abused. I admire trans kids who are fighting to play on the right sports teams and use the right bathrooms for who they know they are. I admire black people in this country who have to try harder on a daily basis just to achieve things in life that I sometimes, in my ignorance, take for granted. I admire women who keep doing the same jobs as men despite often being paid less, and who know better than to define their own strength by masculine standards.

Who is your favorite dead person? 

I don’t really have a lot of favourites, but I was particularly sad to hear that we’d lost Alan Rickman last year. RIP Severus Snape.

When is the last time you puked (and why)?

I got high in the desert a couple of months ago, and was wandering around in the moonlight. Out of nowhere, I suddenly had to puke. I felt fine after, and it didn’t ruin my night. 

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