Meet the (Possibly Fake) Solution to Your Bluetooth Problems


Secrecy: Who doesn’t love it? It’s really a great thing that we can never have too much of, especially in this pesky security state of ours.

But sometimes airing your dirty laundry in public is just unavoidable. We’ve all taken that call on the subway or in the grocery store. We’ve all found ourselves having to give our social security number to someone over the phone. We’ve all, when doing this, tried to disguise our voice in such a way as to make the information clear to the person on the phone but decidedly unclear to the people around us. And hell, it’s been awkward.

Well folks, welcome to the 21st century. Some genius has invented a hands-proof device that “protects privacy” for public phone calls while looking suspiciously like a ball gag. The name? Hushme.

Now I know what you’re asking yourself. Is this even real? The answer is: Hell, I don’t know! But if it is, it’s goddamn hilarious, and that’s enough for me!

You had us at “looking like Bane.”

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