Who Should Play Trump?


Not since the historic “Game Change” has the entertainment industry had such a campy shot at glory. Behold, a Donald Trump miniseries.

Based on a book co-written by Mark Halperin and John Heileman, an HBO series chronicling the rise to power of DT has ‘Oscar nom’ written all over it. Not really, it definitely doesn’t at all. But it is guaranteed to be fucking hilarious.

Now, casting directors have to deal with the really hard questions. Such as: Who the fuck is about to get down to play the creature? In the running are some of the industry’s most prominent middle-aged men, including Jeff Bridges, Russell Crowe, and Donald Sutherland. But do any of them have what it takes to channel pure evil?

We’re putting our money on the unconventional (but inspired) choice of Jeff Goldblum for the win. Blind casting is a beautiful thing.

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Henry Giardina is FourTwoNine's Senior Editor

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