Taron Egerton’s Thirst for Hugh Jackman is Heartbreakingly Real


Imagine being Taron Egerton for a minute– put aside the physical perfection and enviable acting prowess. Just imagine yourself being a young kid cast in the movie role of a lifetime, and having to be in close proximity to Hugh Jackman every day.

Every. Goddamn. Day.

Think about it–that creased brow, that impossible physique, the nattering on about the superiority of Australian coffee. It can just get to be too much. Poor kid. Our heart goes out to him. Especially after seeing this GIF of him at a premiere practically licking the Wolverine actor head to toe with his eyes.


I’ve never seen anyone say choke me daddy with their eyes.

It’s just heartbreaking. I mean seriously, the poor, poor guy. It makes us want to sing “The Greatest Love” below his window, except replacing ‘love’ with ‘thirst’ to make it more accurate.

Our heart goes out to you this fine St. Patty’s day, Taron. Keep the thirst alive.

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  • Anthony G Alerimici

    This is EXACTLY what makes gay community seem so demented, AND is the EXACT reason why I left it in the dust: WHO THE PUCK CARES?
    I got so freakin sick of being mooned over and having my personal life or affections scrutinized before I got the chance to. I’d rather be the brooding chaste bugger all, than subjected to a pack of demonised Mo’s whose minds are up their ho’s 24/7.
    Just like Calum Scott sang: “We don’t have to take our clothes off to have a good time”
    Here’s another reality the gay media mafia refuses to acknowledge: the over arching attention given to a good looking lad is demonic mania. So get an exorcist already and imagine life with an orgasm once a year.
    Oh, and gaybots: good luck with the incurable Syphylis, Chlamydia t, HPV cancers et al.
    Antonino ⚜

    • Anthony G Alerimici

      And what exactly is there to be proud about? Pride? Don’t get it. I’m proud of the young gay and drag boys from Stonewall, but proud to be gay? It’s not like I stayed up all night cramming for the big one. Oops, walked right into that one. 😬
      You have to listen to your soul, to what brought you out in the first place and start notching how you turn down attempts at false fulfillment: lust cannot be satisfied, it’s against its nature. Don’t you think you were destined for something far greater than being a gym bunny in skivies on gay day?
      You should treat/see eachother as holy over horny.
      Seek, you will find perfection.
      Antonino ⚜

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