YouTube is Blocking LGBT Content From View


YouTube, the democratic video upload mecca and queer internet utopia, just changed its politics in a major way. Of course, you probably didn’t notice, unless you happened to be watching on ‘Restricted View.’

As you may have imagined, ‘Restricted View’ is a tool for parents to shield their kids from the harsh realities of the real internet. Much like any parental controls, the restricted setting passes videos through a filter to make sure anything that passes through is 100% ‘family friendly’. And we all know what that’s code for.

Needless to say, queer YouTube is not here for it, including one of YouTube’s most biggest content creators, Tyler Oakley.

And he ain’t the only one:


We’ll see how YouTube responds to the claims of anti-LGBT censorship as the story develops. Something tells us they’ll come up with something reasonably slick. All of the side eye will be going to YouTube corporate this week.

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