The Power Rangers Movie Will Feature First Out Gay Superhero


When the original, beloved Power Rangers television show was filming, actor David Yost (more commonly known as the original Blue ranger) eventually had to walk off set because he’d been “called ‘faggot’ one too many times.”

Fast forward to today, and not only are the Rangers getting their big screen debut, they’re including an out and proud Ranger, possibly to make up for the years of on-set abuse that Yost suffered. But actually definitely not for that reason at all.

After hearing news of an out gay Le Fou in Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast, we can’t be too surprised at the news of an out gay ranger. Hollywood is learning that–shock of all shocks–gay sells! Well, except for in that one part of Alabama. But who needs them?

We’re excited about this news. Of course, every gay kid already knew that all of the rangers were implicitly queer, if not blazingly, outwardly gay. But it’s nice to see it made explicit for once.



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