This Artist Sees the True Beauty in Glory Holes


Alright, be honest. How often do you wake up and ask yourself: “Are queer individuals really liberated from heteronormative constructs of sexuality, or are we simply living in a digitized version of historic modes of oppression?”

Most days, right? That’s what I thought. And that’s what artist Sean Chamberlain wonders, too. That’s why he decided to start making art out of Grindr profiles.

That’s right. The Portland-based artist starting blowing up Grindr profiles, cutting holes in them, and calling the series “Glory Hole.” It’s a move so simple, so brilliant, you wonder how no one could have hit on it before. I mean, really!

But it’s serious guys, really. Chamberlain wants answers to some questions here. Like: “Has the setting simply changed from parks, bathroom stalls and clubs to iPhones, apps and one-night stands?”

Yeah, probably.

So that answers that. Glad we had this talk, Sean. Real glad.

About The Author

Henry Giardina is FourTwoNine's Senior Editor

  • Jim Gladstone

    Henry, I’m a big fan of your writing, but your voice seems almost too subtle here. My inclination is to read this as a “Duh”-slap-the-forehead dis. But honestly, I can’t quite tell where you stand.

  • sean chamberlain

    lol i don’t think i’ve ever been dragged this hard before

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