My Brilliant Friend To Be Adapted as HBO Series


My Brilliant Friend, the first installment of Elena Ferrante’s sweeping Neapolitan Tetralogy, is headed for the small screen.

I know what you’re thinking: Will it be in Italian? Will only one of the books be filmed? Is it going to be a limited series or a straight-up franchise? Who in hell is Elena Ferrante?

Friends, I do not know. Bear with me: Just as the identity of the Italian novelist remains shrouded in mystery, so, too, must the details of this project for the time being. We know that HBO is partnering with an Italian production company to bring the series to life, and that Ferrante had a hand in writing the teleplays. So that’s something, right?

But who the fuck is going to play Lenu and Lila? Only time will tell.

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