The New Game of Thrones Teaser Has Us In Our Feels


Ever since last summer’s whiz-bang Game of Thrones ending, with Daenerys, Jon Snow, and childless Cersei poised the square off for the ultimate battle royale, we’ve been on the edge of our seats.

After watching this trailer for Season 7, we’re still there. Because we have absolutely no new information, except that it’s a super cool trailer set to a James soundtrack. As the three main contenders make their way to their thrones, we’re treated to a slowed-down version of “Sit Down”, whose lyrics become suddenly heavy with meaning:

“Those who feel the breath of sadness/ Sit down next to me”

“Those who find they’re touched by madness/ Sit down next to me”

Even without James along for the ride, we’ve got the straight-up chills from this shit. See for yourself

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