That HB2 “Repeal” is Garbage, and Pat McCrory is Happy About It


After North Carolina finally decided to get its shit together and repeal the hated HB2 bill (aka “bathroom bill”), it ended up right back where it started in regards to trans rights: In the toilet.

NC Governor Roy Cooper signed the repeal on Thursday, ushering in a ‘compromise’ bill that promises to do almost exactly the same thing. So basically, North Carolina is still going to discriminate against transgender folks intent on using public bathrooms any way you shake it.

Ex-NC Governor Pat McCrory, who was all about HB2, really loves this fact. He gloated today that the LGBT community was “defeated” by this compromise bill, and basically somehow took credit for that alleged defeat even though he’s not in office anymore. Just a nice example of turds being turds.

But make sure those turds aren’t in the wrong bathroom– otherwise we’ll have a problem!

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