Rachel Dolezal Says She’s More Stigmatized Than Trans People


When Rachel Dolezal speaks up, the whole world listens. And today, Rachel Dolezal has spoken up against the POX, the utter POX of transracial discrimination.

In case 2015 is a total blur for you (no judgment), Rachel Dolezal is the woman who made waves back in that beautifully innocent pre-Trump era for being outed as a white woman trying to pass for a Black woman. Her deference: Being transracial. Which, just to be totally clear, is not a thing. At all.

But Dolezal disagrees. In a Salon interview from last week (yes, Salon still exists) Dolezal compared her struggle to that of trans men and women. She also coined the term “race fluidity.”

We’re just going to leave that there. Just gonna leave that right there and walk slowly away, backwards and without blinking.

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