Russia Bans Gay Clown Putin


Vladimir Putin has been referred to as the “most powerful man in the world” and yet he still can’t fully stop the citizens of Russia from putting him on memes. Putin banned what the country referred to as gay propaganda, which was basically banning anything that resembled LGBT culture from reaching children’s eyes so it won’t influence them into being gay — if only it worked that way. Yet, after the ban, gay clown imagery of the strong-arm president was on the rise. Putin puts the 1975 Russian song “Arlekino” by Eastern Europe’s biggest diva Alla Pugacheva to shame as he now reigns for most fabulous clown iconography in Russia. A truly powerful man, indeed.

Yet, the image was taken off the internet in Russia as the rise in gay clown Putin memes prompted the president to create a new ban on images of his more fabulous self. Any art, memes or pictures depicting Putin as a clowny gay man are now officially illegal to share, like or create on the web in Russia.

Goodbye, gay clown Putin. We enjoyed your stay.

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