Dick Is An Obsession in Jill Soloway’s New Show


Jill Soloway has gotten plenty intimate and acquainted with the world of the non-heteronormative with her Amazon Original Transparent, which immortalized Gotye in Season One, gave you an excuse for your fucked uppedness via the thesis of inherited trauma in Season Two and probably made you a little vexed in Season Three until Judith Light forced you to bawl your eyes out. But now, Soloway dares to take on an altogether different type of challenge: highlighting the obsessiveness of the straight woman.

In I Love Dick, her heroine, Chris, is played by her ultimate muse, Kathryn Hahn, and, once again, her platform is Amazon. While I Love Dick may take a break from showing us the many pratfalls and blessings of being trans, don’t think Soloway wouldn’t create a show that wasn’t steeped in feminism. In fact, the book is adapted from Chris Kraus’ now classic memoir/fiction blend of the same name.

For those who have forgotten, Kraus’ self-described “lonely girl phenomenology” was what not only shook up her marriage to Sylvère Lotringer (played in the show by Griffin Dunne–more than just a footnote in Madonna’s filmography), but also prompted him to publish her novel in his position as the founder of Semiotext(e). Now, twenty years after the groundbreaking release, Soloway is giving it the Rashomon-perspective treatment as only she could.

What makes it even more than slightly comical is that the object of Chris’s intense affection is played by Kevin Bacon in the eponymous role. With a trailer that gives us no shortage of insight into just how deep Chris’ love is for the Marfa-based professor, it also shows the escalation of her ardor not just for Dick, but, well, his dick (like Leah McSweeney said: “Good dick will imprison you.” With scenes alternating between Chris’ letter writing, we eventually see a shirtless Bacon carrying a lamb over his shoulders as he walks confidently down the street, Hahn narrates from one of her many letters, “Dear Dick, you’re like a Roman god bringing the spirit of sex into our lives.” And really, isn’t that what every woman is craving right now in this era of particularly noticeable male lacklustreness?

The final line of the trailer concludes, “Dear Dick, did you think this was gonna be pretty?” Well, it might not be for him, but it certainly will be for us fellow lovers of the appendage watching.

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