Mariah Carey is Starting a Record Label


As Mariah Carey’s go-to defense, “I don’t know her,” can only go so far, it seems. It’s fitting that the ever-fledgling pop star (Mariah’s World and that New Year’s Eve performance specifically conjure the word fledgling) would decide to start her own record label. In keeping with MC’s sendup of her vanity and diva-ness, the label will be called Butterfly MC. And yet, like Madonna before her (an icon Mariah has notoriously thrown major shade at many times), who established Maverick Records in 1992 with Warner Bros. Records, Carey is in need of the support of Epic Records to make her dream a reality.

Whether or not the motives behind Mariah’s desire to be in charge of her own label are necessarily pure is hard to ascertain. But one indication of where her incentive lies can be gleaned from the fact that her next album will be the first to be released on Butterfly MC later this year. This marks the first effort from Mimi since the absurdly named Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse back in 2014.

Continuing to collaborate with producer and Epic Records CEO LA Reid, Carey will hopefully find time to groom and mentor new talent (you know, more Ariana Grande types) that can fill the void of her voice as it seems ever further from being able to hit those high notes of yore. And, of course, one assumes there will also be a job opportunity for her twins, Monroe and Moroccan, should the label persist long enough for them to turn eighteen.

The only thing that’s truly certain is that Mariah will inevitably find plenty of new boyfriend potential in the wake of her Bryan Tanaka breakup (a far less dramatic separation in comparison to the inconvenience fee controversy) if she plays her “talent” trolling cards right. Because who needs monogamy when you’ve got a platform like Butterfly MC?–invariably likely to favor male artists over female ones that Mariah still doesn’t know.

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