Podcasts that Aren’t S-Town (But Also Deserve a Listen)


While we are still getting over the beautiful saga of John B McLemore and Shit-Town, Alabama, here are some equally deserving podcasts—from insider gossip to underground house—that could help ease the transition.

Who? Weekly


Bobby Finger and Lindsey Weber are the perfect duo to guide you through the modern celebrity landscape, full of hot dish and titillating insight about celebrities high and low. In each episode, they hilariously chronicle the trials and tribulations of fascinating fame whores you might never have heard of but still want to know.

Congressional Dish

Congressional dish

A few years ago, an earnest political junkie named Jen Briney started scouring the Congressional Record and realized that it contained a ton of interesting (and infuriating) info that was largely uncovered. A tenacious reporter, Briney says she started the podcast to explain “complicated legislation in a way anyone can understand” while exposing the dodgy quid pro quos that dominate America’s political landscape.



reparations podcast

Hosts Renee Ebony and Richard Brookshire tackle “the shit you don’t talk about with your white friends.” Ebony (an entertainment lawyer) and Brookshire (a queer Haitian-American writer) deliver an opinionated rundown of the week’s news and gossip, skewering many sacred cows in the process.

Rumble Strip Vermont


It’s hard not to fall in love with this quirky, homespun podcast filled with funny and poignant stories about a small hamlet in Vermont. Every week, host Erica Heilman talks to “artists and criminals, taxidermists and soccer moms, lawyers and waitresses,” tackling tough subjects such as addiction and poverty and uncovering universal truths in the life of a tiny American town.

Pod Save America

pod save america

Hosted by four well-connected young veterans of the Obama White House, this smart, snarky podcast has quickly built a fanatical following among political junkies and depressed Democrats. In addition to smart commentary and insider political analysis, each episode features candid interviews with an impressive parade of pop-culture luminaries and DC A-listers from Seth Meyers to Adam Schiff to Barack Obama, who granted the Pod his last interview as president. 

Colorsplash Mixes

colorsplash mixes

NYC-based DJ Jolene is an obsessive aficionado of underground house music, and in each installment of her podcast she serves up a dazzling array of danceable hits, organized by colors such as “Dark Citron,” “Honeydew” and “Bright White.” It’s a perfect playlist for your workout, spontaneous dance party or one-night stand.


Broad Appeal

broad appeal podcast

A gay couple named Sean and Brian enthusiastically review a campy slate of classic and contemporary films and reverently (and amusingly) pick them apart. There are a lot of podcasts involving gay men sassing pop culture, but these guys are classier, calmer and much less annoying than most. “2016 was an annus horribilis,” comments Sean, “and I’ve seen a lot of horribilis annuses.”

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