Spring’s Top Over-the-Top Trends


What’s trending this Spring? From axe-throwing gym bunnies to a $4,000 skateboard, here are a few novelties that caught our eye.

Haute Skateboard

It took a while, but even that ultimate object of rebellion, the skateboard, has found itself upscaled and super-monetized. Hermès has released a limited-edition longboard and shortboard, available only at the Beverly Hills shop, as part of its new #DwntwnMen Spring 2017 collection. The beechwood and maple deck was made in collaboration with a skateboard maker in Les Vosges, France, and has the architectonic Promenade au Faubourg pattern on it, just like the company’s fancy silk scarves. Not exactly right for carving and grinding at the skate park; you’d better have a spotless indoor half-pipe in in your mansion to ride this $4,000 beaut.

Tap Dancing Lessons

Even lovers of La La Land panned Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone for their awkward, half-hearted hoofing. Despite that, the movie has sent a flood of Fred and Ginger wannabes to America’s top tap-dance schools. Instructors report that since La La Land debuted, tap has replaced tango as the nation’s most in-demand jig. “I used to get maybe three people in a class,” says MacKenzie Cutcliffe, who teaches a tap workshop on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. “Now, every class is sold out.” So grab a top hat and shuffle off to your local Arthur Murray. Sure, you’ll look mildly ridiculous—but so did Stone, and she got an Oscar.

Hand-Energy Charger

Nineteen-year-old Belarusian Michael Vega first had the idea for a body-powered phone charger in 2014, probably when his phone died and he had nothing to read on the toilet. Three years and a Kickstarter signed and launched the HandEnergy charger, a portable charger that allows users to generate power just by rotating their wrists. A full charge can almost completely power an iPhone, but in its current incarnation, it takes about 40 to 60 minutes of moving your hand in circles to build to capacity. But if you’re the type of person who can’t wait for an outlet, you may just want to finish up and flush.


Can you imagine a manlier way to prove how macho you are than by throwing an axe at a wall while issuing a primal grunt? Just to add another way in which Canada’s one-upping America these days, Toronto now has about a dozen ax-throwing gyms, and the trend’s only gone wilder (literally) in most other major Canadian cities. Now, our northern neighbors’ weirdest workout import has crossed the border: The 8,000-square-foot Urban Axes Philadelphia is America’s first ax-throwing emporium. No less a wielder than Game of Thrones’ Jason Momoa proved his ax-throwing prowess on a recent Kimmel spot. But kids, don’t try this at home. You just might lose your mind—and your head.

Bernie App

Want to strike a match on Tinder, but feeling too lazy, judgmental or just too darn busy to go through the trouble of swiping right on profiles and crafting witty opening lines? The Bernie app will go through your Tinder feed for you, rooting out the most attractive matches using facial recognition and making the first move with generic, test-proven conversation starters.

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