The Mystery of “Covfefe”


Early this morning, a restless Donald Trump took to twitter—yet again—to vent about…something? Although his tweet begins on well-trod ground, it seems to lose its way and ends prematurely.

“Despite the negative press covfefe,” the Commander and Chief proclaimed on social media.

And that was it.

Right away, Twitter jumped in like Amy Adams in Arrival to decipher the meaning behind “covfefe.”

Some Twitter-ers tried decoding the word by rearranging the letters.

Others enlisted the help of translation tools.

Senator Al Franken looked to his Yiddish ancestors for answers.

Brian Faga looked back even further to a time with magic and dark rituals.

The more enterprising among Twitter saw a branding opportunity in the confusion.

While the more sensitive Twitter users saw poetic potential in the ambiguous word.

Mirriam-Webster was at a loss for an answer.

Many people instead turned to Urban Dictionary for an explanation.

No one seemed to more wounded by the whole affair than Jimmy Kimmel.

The consensus:

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