Choose Your AirBnB Adventure (At Your Own Risk)


As AirBnB continues to disrupt the travel industry and your neighborhood, the company has quietly unveiled a nifty new off-shoot: AirBnB Experiences. Instead of living in a stranger’s home, you live in a stranger’s life—from hanging out with drag queens in San Francisco, to hunting for truffles in Tuscany. Here are a few of the more memorable adventures offered in the AirBnB catalogue.

Experience: “Castro Queen”

Cost: $150 per person
Where: San Francisco
Gimmick: Explore LGBT nightlife in the gayest city of all time.
Host: Carne Asada, “one of SF’s most notorious drag queens.”
Highlights: “Drink, dance, dine, and drag-ify yourself in the Castro.”
Odds of Shouting “Bye, Felicia”: 78%
Pitfalls: Bring a pair of sensible heels, honey. Your drunk ass will thank you in the morning.

Experience: “Music & Tea with Kimono”

Cost: $26 per person
Where: Tokyo
Gimmick: Learn a song on a Japanese instrument in a kimono.
Host: Yuka. “I had a teacher license & got a prize.”
Highlights: Don her grandma’s kimono.
Likelihood of Getting a Prize: -4%
Pitfalls: Honestly, we can’t think of any.

Experience: “Maid Café”

Cost: $193 per person
Where: Tokyo
Gimmick: “I’ll show you life as a café maid from the inside.”
Host: Dianna. “I’ve lived in Japan for four years and worked in a maid café, a subgenre of cosplay.”
Odds You’ll Turn Japanese: 2%
Highlights: Dress up as a maid, take a picture, and keep the costume.
Pitfalls: You’ll dress up as a maid, take a picture, and keep the costume.

Experience: “Mystic School Bus”

Cost: $199 per person
Where: Miami
Gimmick: Spend an art-filled day with two “Dutch Hippies.”
Hosts: Pepe & Eva, who “live in a magical tiny house we built with our two children.”
Highlights: Make crystal jewelry in a school bus/tiny house.
Odds of Learning What Dutch Hippies Are: 12%
Pitfalls: You might end up joining a cult.


Experience: “The Truffle Hunter”

Cost: $197 per person
Where: Florence, Italy
Gimmick: Wander into the Tuscan forests for truffles.
Host: Giulio, a “certified truffle hunter, member of the Tuscan Truffle Hunters Association.”
Highlights: Find a truffle with Guilio and his dog, Eda.
Pitfalls: Spend 4 years in Italian jail for a murder you didn’t commit.

Experience: “Bonsai Master”

Cost: $413 per person
Where: Tokyo
Gimmick: Explore the culture and craft behind bonsai.
Host: Masashi. “I’m a bonsai master and cultural ambassador to bonsai.”
Highlights: Learn literally everything about bonsai, including “Bonsai law.”
Pitfalls: Spend $413 to learn Bonsai law, only to be rejected by the Bonsai Bar Association.

Illustrations by Mike Reddy

Experience: “The Piñata King”

Cost: $200 per person
Where: Los Angeles
Gimmick: Make your own piñata.
Host: Antonio, King of Piñatas, Mother of Dragons, First of his Name.
Highlights: “Happy hour piñata making.”
Pitfalls: In the game of piñatas, you win or you die.

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