Court Sides with Planet Fitness Over Bathroom Policy


A Michigan court has ruled in favor of a Planet Fitness policy that allows transgender people to use the locker room of their prefered gender.

The case was brought before the court by Yvette Cormier, who claimed she experienced sexual harassment when a trans woman walked into the woman’s locker room while she was inside. Shaken by the “incident,” Cormier spent four consecutive days approaching other women at the gym, telling them about the policy.

As a result, Planet Fitness revoked her membership, citing their unique “no judgement” policy.

“Our gender identity non-discrimination policy states that members and guests may use all gym facilities based on their sincere self-reported gender identity,” Planet Fitness said in a statement.

In protest, Cormier filed a lawsuit against the chain, alleging sexual harassment, invasion of privacy, and breach of contract.

Last week, the Michigan Appeals Court sided with Planet Fitness in a 3-0 ruling.

The court found that Cormier’s claims did not hold water. As to the sexual harassment, “she failed to plead factual allegations showing that she was actually subjected to verbal or physical conduct or communication of a sexual nature (i.e., that her rights were violated).” In fact, both Cormier and the trans woman were clothed during their brief interaction.

It did not help that even after she complained, Cormier continued to use the locker room. “Even though plaintiff did not agree with the policy, her use of the locker room after her knowledge of the policy constituted consent to any intrusion, defeating her claim of invasion of privacy,” the decision read.

Most significantly, the court rejected Cormier’s argument that she had suffered emotional distress from the events.  “Transgender rights and policies are polarizing issues and each individual may have a feeling on the issue and on what locker room such individuals should be using,” the Court wrote. “Regardless of whether an average member of the community may find the policy outrageous, the fact is that plaintiff did not suffer severe emotional distress as a matter of law.”

Cormier can still appeal the case to the Michigan Supreme Court.

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  • Anita Perry

    Planet Fitness has been sued for lots of things not just this male in the women’s locker room. Planet Fitness denies everything. Now, they are telling us that “male slut in training on a leash” passes for “gender identity”. Some people did some serious research on who Carlotta Sklodowska really is, and what he was saying, and how he looked at the time of the incident. Prior to this incident in the women’s locker room: (1.) He wasn’t on hormones (2.) He had no sex reassignment surgery (3.) He was going all over the internet talking about his sexual fetishes – yes, he likes women. (4.) Photos of him around the time of the incident make it clear that he couldn’t pass for a “woman” if he tried. Google it, and look at the photos. This is the lowdown, so women listen up!

  • Anita Perry

    This is what they are telling us. (1.) Girls and women, just strip off your clothes in front of the burly six foot tall man who walked into the women’s locker room wearing sweat pants. It doesn’t matter if Stevie Wonder could tell he is a dude. (2.) Forcing women to undress in front of a strange male who couldn’t pass for a “woman” if he had to causes women no psychological distress. Women naturally let linebacker sized males into women’s locker rooms so they could undress in front of them. (3.) “Male slut in training on a leash” can pass for “sincere self reported gender identity”. See some of Carlotta Sklodowska’s online sexual interests below. Or, google it. There is no way of proving what a “sincere self-reported gender identity” is, but they are telling us to take their word for it. How can a desk clerk working for minimum wage determine “sincere self-reported gender identity”. (4.) “Self-reported gender identity” means just that. We take his word on it. (5.) Planet Fitness and all their corporate attorneys (they have lots of them because they have been sued many times for a lot of things) can read the minds of every male claiming “sincere self-reported gender identity”.

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