Texas Will Consider Anti-Trans “Bathroom Bill” in Special Session


Texas governor Greg Abbott has called for a special legislative session to consider 19 bills, including a “bathroom bill” that would restrict the right of transgender students to use the bathroom of their preferred identity.

The special session would include a range of proposals ranging from the mundane and the controversial, such as school finance reform and school choice for special needs students, and anti-abortion policies and voting rights restrictions. The issues surrounding trans rights, however, have been a touchstone subject for Abbott.

“At a minimum, we need a law that protects the privacy of our children in our public schools,” Abbott said in support of a similar bill, House Bill 2899, which would rescind trans-inclusive policies where they exist and prevent schools from enacting any new policies.

In response, defenders and advocates of trans people did not mince words.

“Don’t tempt us to sue you,” threatened the LGBT legal advocacy group Lambda Legal.

Pointing to the economic backfire caused by a similar measure in North Carolina, Lambda Legal warned the Texas legislature not to give credence to the “mistaken, discriminatory belief that transgender schoolchildren pose some kind of danger to others.”

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Samuel Braslow is an associate editor at FourTwoNine Magazine, and covers current events and politics for the website.

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