How Transparent‘s Jill Soloway Copes These Days: Weed


Jill Soloway has a very simple way to deal with Pres. Trump.

“For queer people, it’s okay to spend quite a few hours relaxing, chilling, caring for each other, loving each other,” the Transparent creator said last night at the Point Foundation’s L.A. Honors Gala, where she was presented with this year’s Impact Award.

“Yes, the lord giveth and lord taketh away. We get medical marijuana and Donald Trump at the same time. We have to remain stoned. We have to. There’s no other way. I have found no other way except for marijuana mints. I don’t know what to do, so if anyone knows what to do…” she said.

Point Foundation Scholarship Recipients at Point Honors Los Angeles 2017, benefiting Point Foundation, at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on October 7, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Point Honors)

The Point Foundation is the country’s largest educational scholarship program for LGBT students. Many of the foundation’s “scholars” were in the audience at the gala.
Soloway identifies as gender non-binary. “I am imitating you, all the queer and trans youth,” the Emmy winner said. “I am trying to be you, be like you. I want to be liked by you. I want to be on your Instagram feeds and that’s why I came out as gender non-binary. I don’t even care if they use the they pronoun but I feel cool. It makes me special in the way the coolest people in the world that I meet are. It’s true. I just want to be like you cool, amazing queer youth. You guys, I want to be just like you guys.”
Despite the Trump administration’s attack on LGBT rights, Soloway told me she’s hopeful about the queer community’s future. “Trump is the last gasp of patriarchy,” Soloway said. “It’s a falling system. The system is falling. I think we have so much ahead of us. When I look at the young generation, people under the age of 25, and how much confidence they have and how brilliant they are and how much I learn from them…I think we’ve got it.”

Funny lady Wanda Sykes was honored with the Legend Award. “I guess I can now tour with Aretha Franklin and Gladys Knight,” she cracked. “I’m a legend!”
Wilson Cruz accepted this year’s Courage Award via a pre-taped video because he was on the East Coast promoting his new role on the rebooted Star Trek series at New York Comic Con. “The only thing that could have kept me from being there was a work obligation, so that is where I am tonight,” Cruz said. “I would love nothing more than two be in two places at once, but alas it’s only 2017 and the USS Discovery’s transporter hasn’t been invented yet.”

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