BTS Video: An homage to George Michael’s Freedom!


It’s been a year since we lost the great singer, but we’re not done showing our love.

This week marks one year since we lost George Michael. Many of us will never get over it. This great talent, this light, showed the way for so many of us to accept our selves, to be strong in the world, to let ourselves love. His example, and his message, helped so many young LGBT people find their way, and we are forever indebted to him.

The songs live on: “Freedom” “Last Christmas” “I want your sex”, “Faith”…. The emotions just get stronger.

We asked filmmaker Max Mamurov to show us how he felt in this video tribute and what he created on a behind the scenes day far outweighed our high expectations–for beauty, for energy, for power.
Play it loud, move, cry, dance, let yourself go. Wake me up before you go go!

Filmmaker: Max Mamurov, Creative Director: Richard Klein, Photo Director / Casting: Villani Productions, Stylist: Santa Versace Bevacqua, Groomer: Mr. Sarah, Models: Daniel Bombad, Giuseppe Futia, Chris George, John Klaft, Joe La Pure, Adam Lunberg, Giles McLeod, Jack Shippy, Matt Young, Vas Location: DDC Showroom LA

About The Author

Richard Villani is the Photo Director of FourTwoNine.

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