The Haunting and Beautiful Remains of Nara Dreamland Theme Park


There’s something mesmerizing – and downright creepy  – about an abandoned amusement park. You can almost hear the ghosts of faded laughter, and feel the static of an ancient joy. They are the perfect location for a horror film, and in the right hands can also make for enchanting photo opportunities.

Though there are many out of business theme parks that still stand, there was none quite like Japan’s Nara Dreamland. Opened from 1961 – 2006, and inspired by Disneyland in California, the reportedly haunted park was an off-kilter attraction for urban explorers and artists alike. Evoking inspiration and a sweet feeling of times gone by, it was a place of post-apocalyptic beauty.

Shuttered for more than a decade before it was bulldozed at the end of 2016, French photographer Romain Veillon was able to capture the ruins in a fascinating photo series.

His results are gorgeous.

As quoted on Dezeen.com, Veillon says, “Nature reclaimed the park, which disappeared slowly under the vegetation, and created an even more magical and unique atmosphere. But even this abandoned time had to come to an end.”

It’s now a place in history.

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