4412 study shows marriage equality in utah would generate up to 15 5 million

Study shows marriage equality in Utah would generate up to $15.5 million


A Williams Institute study has shown that legalizing same-sex marriage in Utah would not just be beneficial for the LGBT community, but also generate up to $15.5 million in spending for the state and local economy.

According to a 2010 consensus, there are 3,909 same-sex couples living in Utah, and it is estimated that fifty percent of those couples would choose to wed within the first three years of marriage equality. Over 1,200 of those marriages would occur in the first year alone, raising $10 million in revenue to the state of Utah within that year, and $12.1 million over the first three years.

It was also estimated that wedding related spending and tourism would generate up to 268 new jobs over the first three years.

The institute’s study was performed using data from previous studies of the economic impact of same-sex marriages in a number of other states, including Massachusetts, where all findings suggested economic boosts.

According to the Williams Institute’s press release, one of the study’s authors, Christy Mallory, said: “This study confirms that all Utah residents benefit from marriage to same-sex couples, not just the LGBT community.”

Marriage equality is currently banned in Utah, but the state has joined a number of others facing or that have faced lawsuits fighting the same-sex marriage bans.

As of April 2014, a total of seventeen states, the District of Columbia, and the federal government have formally recognized marriage equality.


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