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Bannon, with Milo and Friends, Will Speak at Berkeley


Steve Bannon, the ousted White House strategist, has confirmed that he will speak at a Berkeley, California event hosted by MILO Inc., the media company founded and run by far-right provocateur Milo Yiannopolous.

The event, branded Berkeley Free Speech Week by MILO, will run from September 24 to 27 on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley. It will feature “multiple speakers addressing a common theme each day.” According to a press release, “The themes include ‘Feminism Awareness Day, Islam Peace & Tolerance Day, ZUCK 2020, and Mario Savio is Dead.’”

Bannon will make a brief statement on the final day of the event. “Nothing could be better for the leftists who oppose Trump so vehemently than a lesson in the logic behind Trump’s actions, direct from the architect of his policies,” MILO said.

The university has a reputation for liberal activism, especially since it served as the birthplace for the Free Speech Movement of the ‘60s. More recently, however, campus conservatives have felt censored by their left-learning peers.

In a bid to counteract the perceived anti-conservatism, the student group Berkeley Patriot organized the event and sponsored the speakers.

This is not the first time Milo has appeared on the docket to speak at Berkeley. Another engagement was canceled in February when demonstrations turned violent, in part because of agitating non-student groups from the surrounding areas.

There are currently rumors circulating that conservative firebrand Ann Counter, who similarly had a Berkeley speech canceled out of safety concerns, will also speak at the event. However, the student organizer for Berkeley Patriot, Bryce Kasamoto, said that she is not confirmed “at this time,” according to the Mercury News.

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