chipotle had a terrible 2016 just like everyone else

Chipotle Had a Terrible 2016 Just Like Everyone Else


Chipotle is the sustenance of the millennial masses. Like new memes and seasonal Pumpkin Spiced everything, it’s the cornerstone of consumption for an entire demographic. That’s not to say that all things millennial bring endless prosperity, though. Remember that guac you didn’t want to pay extra for? Well, it’s costing your favorite belly-bloating burrito chain, and we’re not talking mere pennies here.

Fortune reports that the much-loved Mexican chain’s sales fell 4.8 percent in the fourth quarter, their fifth straight decline and a little more than the 3.7% drop than some shark-eyed analysts were anticipating. But this unexpected drop wasn’t sue to the lack of Chipotle fever, but instead was due to avocado costs being higher than expected, Chipotle said in a regulatory filing.

The E.Coli outbreak in late 2015 hasn’t help sales, which have been steadily declining since the scare. Whether it’s rising television advertising costs or actually the pesky avocado condiment that’s ruining their margin is still  to be determined. In the meantime, we’re going to have to pay extra for the green stuff (guac) with our green stuff (money).

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