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News + Notes: Alt-Right Gays Sound Like Roy Cohn


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The Philosophical Fascists of the Gay Alt-Right

Gay men are surprisingly prominent in the alt-right world but they don’t align themselves with the politics of LGBT liberation. In fact, as Maureen O’Conner reports in New York Magazine, they’re much more likely to view their fellow gays as cucks. “The word gay describes a whole cultural and political movement that promotes anti-male feminism, victim mentality, and leftist politics,” says one of these men, sounding awfully similar to Roy Cohn in Angels in America. 

Who goes Nazi? Media Edition

Which vaunted media figures would go Nazi if given the chance? This is the biting premise of Leah Finnegan’s latest Outline column in which she names Chris Clizza, Ross Douthat and Michael Anton as the kind of folks who would definitely valorize a führer figure.

The First Family of Dildos

The dildo company Doc Johnson churns out 75,000 sex toys a month from its factory in North Hollywood. This incisive profile in MEL Magazine, which sometimes reads like a transcript from a dirty Mister Rogers episode narrated by Studs Terkel, profiles the owner and workers of the factory. Mike Sager is especially adept at illuminating the more quotidian moments on the factory floor. “At one station, women use common kitchen pots to pour the hot, viscous liquid into copper penis molds,” he writes.

Pulse Night Club Will Become a Memorial and Museum

The site of the deadliest mass shooting in American history will soon become a permanent museum, according to the Atlantic. The only question is what form it will take. The OnePulse Foundation is currently soliciting input from the Oklahoma City National Memorial and National September 11 Memorial & Museum in New York City.

Why Are You People Surprised That Ivanka Trump Sucks?

“Ivanka Trump doesn’t have a personality — she has a content strategy,” writes Brandy Jenson in Broadly. So why do we continually feign shock that she’s a hypocrite? (Maybe for the clicks??)

Perfume Genius’s New Album, ‘No Shape,’ Is Full of Sunlight

The agony and ecstasy of Perfume Genius is beautifully explored by the New Yorker’s Jia Tolentino in this review of his new album. (Read our interview with him here!)

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