Endurance is one of the benchmarks of physical fitness. It is a particularly desirable trait in healthy men. Like other aspects of physical fitness, endurance can be built through a coordinated exercise routine. You don’t really need to overwork your body every day to build endurance. Here are six strict exercise routines that can help you build endurance:

Combining Strength Days with Cardio Days

Most men choose to train for strength and cardio on different days. While the two types of workouts are great, they are more beneficial in building endurance when they are combined. It wouldn’t hurt to combine strength days and cardio days. Rather, you can build endurance faster.  

Fast-Paced, High-Intensity Lifting

Weight lifting is normally aimed at improving strength and building muscle mass. There are ways to make it more productive. By engaging in high-intensity lifting at a really fast pace, you will be able to build endurance just as you build muscle strength. This is actually better than focusing only on endurance-oriented training.

Explosive Movements to Workout Sessions

When you engage in explosive movements during your workout sections, you will challenge your body in many ways. Such movements will challenge your strength, endurance, and stamina at the same time. After several sections of such explosive movements, you may be surprised at how fast you can perform the movements and your improved level of endurance. Movements like jumping knee tucks, box jumps, and power pushups are especially useful.

Shorter Breaks between Sets

This is a sort of trick that can help you build endurance even as you are involved in your regular exercise routines. It may be tempting to take long breaks between sets, but you can gain a lot in terms of endurance when you forfeit excessive breaks. Take shorter breaks, and you will teach your body to take shorter to recover, enhancing endurance significantly.


Endurance and stamina are among the essential aspects of physical fitness. There are various ways to enhance endurance, and we have discussed some interesting ones here. In addition to the routines discussed above, go for hybrid exercises and choose regular compound movements over isolated exercises.