Due to the massive growth in digital and social fitness, we can term this year as a year of social distancing and interaction. The fact is that 2021 has been a tough year; however, the fitness industry remains resilient. A fad is a short pattern of behavior that trends for a short period before going into oblivion.

Regardless of the specialization you go for – HIIT training, spin classes, or strength training, it is essential for every fitness specialist to get the latest information about the fitness industry. In this post, we will discuss the four fitness fads influencing the industry in 2021.

Hybrid Fitness

Consumers now have access to having a quick fitness class during lunchtime workouts; also, fitness enthusiasts have become more familiar with the convenience and flexibility of online workouts. As consumers have started to adapt to digital fitness and use home fitness to complement it, hybrid fitness is inevitable and gradually gains momentum.

At-Home Workouts

It’s not surprising that home fitness is part of the list as it will continue to offer creative ways for individuals to engage in exercising activities staying in the comfort of their room. Although most people prefer the gym to home workouts, they act as a complement to the gym.

Wearable and Fitness Tech

Technological tools continue to play a significant role in influencing the fitness industry. Also, consumers share more health data from these tools and can access loads of information. With personal training assistants, AI coaches, and fitness innovations in virtual and augmented reality, this will undoubtedly become dominant this year and in the future.

Connection of Body and Soul

Most people think fitness is about physical health and activity but fail to consider mental health. Due to the social distancing and lockdowns in different parts of the world, mental health is a significant focus in 2021. Exercising activities like Pilates and Yoga will continue to take the central stage.

There you have it! Above are some fitness fads that are defining the year 2021. Due to the continued interest in the fitness industry, individuals seek several options for workout activities suitable for their new lifestyle of strength, health and endurance. Thus, technology and personalization will be among the key factors that will influence the fitness industry in 2021 and beyond.