The coronavirus pandemic has been tough on most institutions, including colleges. In what can be described as ironical, the pandemic has just schooled some colleges on how not to treat a virus outbreak. Some of the worst U.S. coronavirus outbreaks have been recorded in college towns. Do you want to know the biggest cases? Here are the top six college outbreaks of coronavirus:

James Madison University, Virginia

Less than two weeks after students of James Madison University returned to campus, more than 500 students were diagnosed with COVID-19. The university responded by asking students to go back home and moving in-person classes online. Clearly, the university doesn’t have the capacity to isolate and manage the outbreak.

Washington State University

Washington State University has been trying so hard to manage the impact of COVID-19 in communities that house its facilities. While the efforts cannot be called futile, it has not been as effective as the university would want it to be. Pullman, which is home to the University’s main campus, has seen a rapid rise in coronavirus cases. Whitman County has not fared much better.

The University of Texas at Austin

The UT Austin had reported a total of eight COVID-19 cases among students. When students started moving back to campus, the number started increasing steadily. At the time of writing this, the UT Austin COVID-19 Dashboard shows that there are 601 active cases involving 413 students and 188 faculty/staff members.

Georgia Southern University

There seems to have been some sort of improvement in Georgian Southern University in the past weeks. This was not the case in the first few weeks of getting back to school. In the second week of classes, the university confirmed more than 500 cases of COVID-19 among students.

Iowa State University

In the first week of September, Iowa State University recorded as much as 325 confirmed cases of coronavirus. This means the University had recorded a total of 1,475 cases in just five weeks of resuming academic activities.

University Of Mississippi

Mississippi didn’t feel the impact of the coronavirus as much as other states, but the University of Mississippi didn’t fare so well. The last week of August was a little too horrible for the University as 223 cases were confirmed in just a week.

There you have it! Above are some colleges across the United States that experienced the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. We can only continue to stay safe, fortify our bodies, strengthen our immune systems, and wish every infected person swift recovery.