Many college students struggle to remain financially buoyant. Many are dependent on their parents or owe a sizable sum in student loans. All of this can drag on the student’s progress and energy levels. Whatever the situation, students still need health insurance coverage. Affordable health insurance coverage is not too hard to find, depending on your situation. Here are some of the top options college students can explore.

School-Sponsored Insurance 

School-sponsored insurance programs are designed to cater to the health insurance needs of foreign students. It is also a viable option for students from the United States who are in certain situations. This is an affordable insurance option but may be limited in coverage. Coverage at the on-campus medical facilities may be free or very inexpensive, but you may notice the shortcomings when you need to see a specialist.

Employer-Sponsored Insurance 

If you are a college student and have a job, this may be the perfect insurance option. Many employees offer health insurance coverage for their full-time and even part-time employees. If you qualify for your employer’s policy, it may be the most affordable option for you.  

Parents Health Insurance 

This may be the best health insurance option for you if you are still very young (26 years or below). A few states will allow your parents to keep you under their insurance coverage until you are 29 years. If you still qualify to be under your parents’ health insurance coverage as a student, it may be your most affordable option.


You may qualify for free health insurance through Medicaid if no one claims you are dependent on your taxes, and you don’t live with your parents. This affordable insurance option is specifically designed for low-income earners, which most college students fall under. 

Healthcare Exchange 

This may be the best option for high-earning college students who live outside their parent’s state. An insurance plan through healthcare exchange may be your best option if you don’t have employer-sponsored insurance and cannot be part of your parent’s insurance for any reason. 

Health Sharing Ministries 

This is an alternative to regular health insurance coverage. It is an organization in which the members share in the healthcare costs as an entity. These may not be too convenient for most college students as they typically require adherence to religious or other principles. 

If you are a college student looking for an affordable health insurance policy, the above ideas can help. With this, you can get adequate coverage for your health while in college at a budget-friendly rate.