Most people have been forced to work out at home since most gyms are closed. The social distancing guidelines and other measures recommended for the control of the spread of coronavirus means that interactions in gyms are unthinkable.

Setting up a home gym is more challenging than most people will want you to believe, especially if you have fitness goals you are determined to achieve. Investing in a smart gym mirror is one of the best things to do. Without further ado, here are some of the best you can find anywhere:

Tempo Studio

This is undoubtedly the champion of smart gym mirrors and the best for you if you can afford it. Technically, this is not a mirror but a virtual home-based fitness hub. It is a complete, technically-advanced fitness studio that will help you exercise better and track your performances. It also comes with lots of workout gear that others don’t have.

The Mirror

Simply named The Mirror, this is another exciting smart gym mirror that will easily fit in your home and help you keep track of your fitness goals. It has a minimal design that makes it fit, even in a small space. It is optimized for one-on-one personal training and can also track your vital information like heart rate, thanks to Apple Watch compatibility and other features.

Echelon Reflect Touch

If you want a smart mirror with a variety of workouts that will keep you fit and improve your overall wellbeing, this is a good option to try. It offers hundreds of on-demand workouts, including yoga, boxing, pilates, and energy cardio. You should also know that these workouts are taught by some of the best industry experts.


Finally, on our list of the best smart gym mirrors is the Tonal. This is a versatile smart gym mirror that has something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert; the mirror is already programmed to meet your needs. Using this smart home-trainer mirror, you will be able to achieve a full-body workout without using traditional weight.

There you have it! Above are some of the best smart gym mirrors. You shouldn’t relent on your fitness goals simply because going to a gym is impossible, or you can’t hire a personal trainer. With these smart gym mirrors, you will exercise properly and achieve your goals of being fit and healthy.