Are you a bike lover? Are you planning to go to college soon? Then you need a campus that supports your passion or hobby – whatever you choose to call it. You will need to choose a campus that is bike-friendly, and that is what this post is all about.

In addition to having a good road network for biking, bike-friendly colleges also attract bikers. Biking is fun, but when you bike with your friends, it is a lot more fun. If you are hoping to make new bike-loving friends, heading to a bike-friendly campus improves your chances.

Bicycle-Friendly Universities

It is important to note at this point that many universities in the United States are bike-friendly. According to the League of American bicyclists, there are as many as 182 universities in the States that qualify as BFU’s (Bicycle Friendly Universities). These universities are spread in 45 states and Washington DC.

The League of American Bicyclists did not just come up with any list. The body continuously evaluates these colleges based on the following five critical criteria:

  • What the college has built or designed on campus to make it accessible to bikes
  • The extent of education the institution provide on safe bike-riding habits
  • Specific ways the college promotes bike riding
  • The involvement of local law enforcement in creating a safe environment for bike riders
  • Current systems in place in the university to evaluate current programs and plan for the future with regards to bike-riding.

Awards for BFU’s

To help make it easy for people to rate bicycle-friendly colleges and choose the best ones they can access, the league awarded the BFU’s in four standard levels – Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

Top Bike-Friendly Colleges

According to the leagues rating, here are the top ten bike-friendly colleges in the country:

  • University of California – Davis, CA – Platinum
  • University of California – Berkeley, CA – Gold
  • Yale University – New Haven CT – Gold
  • University of Montana – Missoula, MO – Gold
  • California State University – Sacramento, CA – Silver
  • University of Colorado – Colorado Springs, CO – Silver
  • Indiana University – Bloomington, IN – Silver
  • The University of Iowa – Iowa City, IA – Silver
  • University of Louisville – Louisville, KY – Silver
  • Washington University – St. Louis, WA – Silver.


Whether your passion is to preserve the environment or you just enjoy biking as a sport or hobby, the colleges above are the best choices for you in the United States.