When you want to follow a diet plan to live a healthy life there are many options for you. One of these is an ancient Greek’s diet. Ancient Greek cuisine is healthy and nutritious, consisting of food items like grains, vegetables, fruits, wheat, barley, and dairy products. Their meals were all made from natural ingredients and herbs that they grew themselves.

They used to eat bread with olives, figs, and grapes, and cheese for breakfast and lunch. For dinner, the Greeks enjoyed a surplus amount of food and were fond of eating fish, quail, hen, chicken, legumes, and eggs, and vegetables like carrot, asparagus, cabbage, and cucumber.

Eating meat was something that only the higher class people of ancient Greek could afford.

If the diet of the ancient Greek foods seem appetizing, check out some of the below traditional food items that you can start eating right away to experience the taste of Greek cuisine yourself. 


The Greek god Dionysos was the god of wine, which is why you will find that Greeks find immense pleasure in drinking wine. Kykeon is a drink that is prepared by a mixture of barley gruel, wine, goat cheese and herbs. 

Cheese for Dessert

What do you call cheese that’s gone crazy? Out of its rind! Even the Greeks had a sense of humor, and perhaps even food puns. Ancient Greeks didn’t have a high end list of desserts on their menu. They simply enjoyed cheese or olives and figs covered with honey when they were done with their heavy dinner meals. 


This was a breakfast meal that was enjoyed by the Ancient Greeks. These were very similar to modern day pancakes. Made with a combination of wheat flour, olive oil, curdled milk, and honey.

You won’t find this on the breakfast table if you visit Greek today, but it is still considered an authentic Greek dish and was served as a snack. 


The Ancient Greeks used figs in many of their traditional dishes. Mainly because each fig is packed with health benefits and is readily available. Working men and women consumed figs more because it kept them energized and filled them up for a long time. 


Honey was an all-time favorite item of ancient Greece. They included it in every meal, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Many traditional Greek dishes are still prepared in honey, or topped with honey, as an essential ingredient to this day. 

The ancient Greeks certainly got a few things right! Healthy eating is the way to go, especially if you are concerned about losing weight. However, the foods above can also be hearty and may be a source of healthy fats if you are looking to gain weight. If your current diet consists of a lot of processed foods and eating out, it may be worth checking out some of the above foods and seeing if it makes a difference in your life!