It is hard to imagine how nerve-wracking dating was in the early days. In the last decade, we can all agree that it hasn’t become as easy as most people will like it to be. Even with the advent of dating sites and apps like Tinder, most people are still overwhelmed by the idea of dating. With coronavirus in the picture, the story is much more complicated.

Even as relevant authorities insist on social distancing and other measures that can help check the spread of coronavirus, people still need to date. Abstaining from dating is not something many people will subscribe to, which is why we need to talk about how we can do it safely. The fact is, coronavirus is still out there and dangerous, and we all need to play our part in managing it.

So, how can you date safely during this tough time? We have a few suggestions we believe can help, and we will get to them right away:

Be More Selective with Your Dates

This is not the time to give several people a chance. It is rather a time to be more selective with the people you speak with, which means you have to be even stricter with those you agree to go on a date with.

Try Remote Meetings First

It is safer to get to know more about someone remotely during COVID. It is advisable that you have enough remote meetings first before thinking of hanging out for a real date.

Ask Important Questions Early

Since you don’t want to waste time with anyone these days, it is important that you ask important questions as early as possible. Find out if the person is your type in time.

Be Clear with What You Want

It is also important that you make yourself clear about your expectations. Express your genuine interests, and give potential dates standards they can either meet or forget about any real relationship with you.

Choose a Date Location Where Social Distancing Is Possible

When it is time to meet physically, it is important that you choose a location that will allow you to observe social distancing. This also applies to your mode of transportation to the location.

Let Things Progress Slowly

There is no need to rush things. Be calm, and let things progress naturally.

There you have it! Above are some tips on how to safely date during COVID. The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot about how we live. Nonetheless, this doesn’t need to be an end to your dating or romance life. With the tips above, you can date safely during COVID.